College of Design


The mission of the College of Design is to educate our young design talents and to enhance the educational quality of design domain. The innovative design paradigm established by College of Design within the strategic development of University can further achieve towards an international eminent school of design.

Improve the education level of design, cultivate design talents and establish a University of Science and Technology based on an innovative pattern of model, and then advance the development of international top diversified school of design.


(一)Educate highly sophisticated design talents demanded by national development.

           The objective is to strengthen both lecture and practice, establish the concept of

           total design solution, and provide design talents who are compatible with

           industry trend so as to bring design synergy into full play and improve our

           international competitiveness in design.

          (1) Design cross-disciplinary programs and courses to educate versatile design


          (2) Develop teaching materials that are in accordance with industry trend and

               practical skill-oriented

          (3) Build up cross-disciplinary research teams to expand plans of

               industry-university collaboration and researches

          (4) Research teams will team up with different departments in the College to

               take part in international design contests.

(二)Integrate industry-university collaboration and fulfill the total design services In

           order to increase the service quality of our design, the research team is grouped

           to conduct academic and industry-university research. Cross-disciplinary

           ooperation platform that integrates qualified teachers, researchers and facilities

           is established, and industry-university cooperation and projects are promoted

           and encouraged for achieving plans the total design services.

          (1) Strive for cross-disciplinary and industry-university research and practical


          (2) Use The Design-led Innovation Center as the core; research teams from

                different disciplines are teamed up to build the brand of College of Design.

          (3) Develop the Internet-based digital learning platform and database for

                sharing teaching materials and experiences.

          (4) Develop a digital exhibition space for promoting the high quality of design

               projects by our teachers and students.

(三)Active in international design community and Internationalize in Learning

International conferences and design-related activities are

           conducted annually and several international exchange programs are

           established to deepen the internationalized education of design, and broaden

           the view of total design with a global perspective.

          (1) Collaborating with respectful universities in Mainland China, Europe, the U.S.,

               Japan,Australia, and New Zealand in University level

          (2) Providing exchange programs to both students and university professors

               covering collaborative researches as well as credited courses.

          (3) Conducting International and credited curriculum

          (4) Hosting International well-known academic conferences.

(四)Consent the multi-design expertise in the core of Design College curriculum.

           Innovative activities in both academic and technological background are

           encouraged and the education of multi-design disciplines is built-in the core of

           Design College urriculum.

          (1) Advancing on-line curriculum for research, education, and design services

          (2) Further extensive development for our five design domains: Industrial Design,

               Visual Communication Design, Architecture and Interior Design, Digital Media

               Design, and Creativity Design

          (3) College of Design is on the track of being an innovative and diverse vocational

                design college.

Job description

College of Design mainly assists the professional development of departments, and further improving the quality of teaching, research, counseling, and design service cross college. By integrating human and facility resources, and with the supports from “Design Research Center” and “Design-led Innovation Center”, College of Design acts as an active role for coordinating among departments for large integrated cross-design disciplinary projects.

Sections and tasks

(一)Departments/Graduate schools

  • Graduate School of Design (Doctoral and Master Program)
  • Department of Industrial Design (including Master program)
  • Department of Visual Communication Design (including Master program)
  • Department of Architecture and Interior Design (including Master program)
  • Department of Digital Media Design (including Master program)
  • Department of Creativity Design (including Master program)


  • Design Research Center
  • Design-led Innovation Center

(三)Table of programs in each department:


Graduate schools


Dates of establishment

Graduate school of Design

Doctoral program, master program.

Doctoral program: August 1st, 2000

Master program: August 1st, 2009

Department of Industrial Design

Master program/ Four-year undergraduate program

Four-year undergraduate program: August 1st, 1991

Master program: August 1st, 1994

Department of Visual Communication Design

Master program/ Four-year undergraduate program

Four-year undergraduate program: August 1, 1991

Master program: August 1, 1995

Department of Architecture and Interior Design

Master program, four-year undergraduate program

Four-year undergraduate program: August 1, 1993

Master program: August 1, 1999

Department of Digital Media Design

Master program/Four-year undergraduate program

Four-year undergraduate program: August 1, 2004

Master program: August 1, 2002

Department of Creativity Design

Master program/Four-year undergraduate program

Four-year undergraduate program: August 1, 2006

Master program: August 1, 2008

Information of Faculty

There are 62 full-time teachers in College of Design, including 12 professors, 29 associate professors, 17 assistant professors, and 4 lecturers. All of our teachers have obtained degrees in countries famous for their outstanding design activities (the U.S., Canada, Japan, Germany, England, France and so forth) or domestically, and have abundant experiences in terms of practice work in many well-known design companies.

The numbers of full-time teachers in each department are as follow:

Departments/ Graduate Schools

total number



Associate Professor

Assistant Professor


Graduate school of Design Doctoral Program






Department of Industrial Design






Department of Visual Communication Design






Department of Architecture and Interior Design






Department of Digital Media Design






Department of Creativity Design


















Space and Facilities

    Educational hardware

    The College of Design is located in the south of YunTech and consists of three

    buildings, one design plant, and a center for industry-academy cooperation.
    Support and Integration

    To share materials and resources for teachers and students uses in teaching,

    researching, or industry-university cooperation purposes, the College of Design

    holds regular cross-disciplinary cooperative meetings for integrating and sharing

    both resources and libraries from departments and college.

Future Prospects

(一)Towards an innovative global Vision of design

           Becoming internationalized and opening new perspective in design

  1. Enhance the international competiveness of college, and enrich the international perspective and create a new paradigm for technical and vocational education.
  2. Establishment of cross-border cooperation mechanisms, forming sister school of international research institutions and industry cooperation environment.
  3. Designed to encourage participation in international events, creating an international renown YUNTECH brand.

(二)Establish a Comprehensive Learning policy

  1.  Encourage E-learning and internet-based courses.
  2.  Actively promote inter-institution attend credits for achieving the performance of two-way learning
  3.  Enrich faculties of the classroom, laboratory equipment, the implementation of both  the theory and practice of teaching.
  4.  Strengthening the College Showcase, environmental beautification and facilities to improve and enhance the teaching environment.
  5.  Regularly review the curriculum structure, suitable for deployment of common compulsory and interdisciplinary courses to train diverse design talent.
  6.  Developing College characteristics for promoting interdisciplinary, cross-college science department of the integrated process.

(三)Encourage industry cooperation, enhance the competitiveness of the students in

           the workplace

  1.  Graduation design exhibitions are highly encouraged to both promote the achievement, and to increase the career opportunities.
  2.  Industry cooperation is highly encouraged to enhance the competitiveness of students
  3.  Faculties are encouraged to apply for MOST or other governmental projects.
  4.  Based on two centers and the departments, the College of design is actively promote industry-university collaboration and design services