ECEI 2019論文徵集







舉辦: 國立台灣師範大學科學教育中心 、際知識創新與發明研究所(IIKII)、國際教育研究學會(iSER)


2019年第二屆歐亞教育創新會議(ECEI 2019)將於2019年1月27日至29日在新加坡舉行,將為研究人員提供教育創新主題的交流平台。歡迎來自世界各地的意見領袖,研究人員,學者,政策制定者,創新者和從業者參加ECEI 2019。這次會議旨在促進教育工作者與學術和工業領域以及國際其他領域的專家之間的跨學科合作。聯網。在會議期間,將有充足的時間來提出想法和討論。與會者將發現各種活動,有助於匯集來自不同學科的各種教師,教育工作者,工程師和技術人員,以產生新的想法,合作潛力和商業機會。

所有被接受的論文將在ECEI 2019的會議記錄中提交,由EI索引。選擇ECEI 2019的優秀論文將建議在經過額外的審核過程後在合適的7種不同的SSCI或ESCI期刊上發表,並需要額外的出版費用。                       



2018年10月15日 摘要摘錄:2018年10月5日





2nd Eurasian Conference on Educational Innovation 2019 (ECEI 2019) will be held in Singapore on January 27 – 29, 2019, and will provide a communication platform for researchers in the topic of educational innovations. We welcome opinion leaders, researchers, academicians, policy makers, innovators, and practitioners from around the world to participate in ECEI 2019. This conference aims to enable interdisciplinary collaboration between educators and experts from other areas in the academic and industrial fields as well as international networking. During the conference, there will be substantial time for presentation of ideas and discussion. Attendees will find various activities useful in bringing together a diverse group of teachers, educators, engineers and technologists from across disciplines for the generation of new ideas, collaboration potential and business opportunities.

All accepted papers which will be submitted in the proceedings of ECEI 2019, indexing by EI. Excellent papers selected from ECEI 2019 will be recommended to be published on suitable 7 different SSCI or ESCI journals after an additional review process and need extra publication charge.


(1)  Sustainability  (SSCI, ISSN 2071-1050; IF:1.789)

(2) Ethiopian Journal of Health Development 
      (SSCI, SCI, ISSN:1021-6790; IF: 0.371)

     a. relevance of public health curriculums for public health needs of the 21st century
      b. Public health education and Sustainable Development Agenda
      c. Education for prevention of Non-Communicable 
      d. Problem based learning as a strategy to Primary Health Care
      e. Student-Centered education in medicine 
      f. Training the future physician
      g. Educational partnership for better future health
(3) Iranian journal of Public Health (SCI, ISSN: 2251-6085; IF: 0.768)

(4)  Microelectronics Reliability  (SCI; ISSN: 0026-2714; IF: 1.236)

    Application of Microelectronics and Electrical Engineering in Educational Innovation

(5) Journal of Dharma (AHCI, ISSN 0253-7222)

    a. Educational Innovation: Ethics and Values
      b. Educational Innovation: Literature and Media
      c. Educational Innovation: Philosophical Investigations
      d. Educational Innovation: Religious Perspectives and Projects

(6)   Arts  (ESCI, ISSN 2076-0752)

(7 ) Journal of Baltic Science Education 
      (SSCI, ISSN: 1648-3898, IF: 0.330)

(8)  Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education 
     (ISSN: 1305-8223, Scopus, SSCI: 2015-2017)